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Sports Exhausts

Alive Tuning exhaust systems are manufactured exclusively by JP Exhausts in Cheshire. JP Exhausts have been established over 35 years and are well known for their work on rare and exotic sports cars, as well as many other types of vehicle. It's their vast experience, and attention to detail, that made them the perfect candidate to make our exhausts, which are quite simply the best Land Rover systems money can buy!


All our exhaust systems are individually hand made, using heavy 1.6mm wall, T304 Grade Stainless Steel pipe. We use 8mm thick Stainless Steel laser cut Flange joints for easy assembly, perfect alignment, and a perfect seal. All pipes are beautifully smooth Mandrel bent, and the hand made silencers are double skinned to reduce resonance. All our exhausts are TIG welded, except for decat down pipe sections which have a mild steel top flange where it meets the turbo, so are MIG welded for better heat tolerance.


Our exhaust design is totally unique, with each and every system having undergone months of real world testing, to ensure the design criteria was fulfilled. No other Land Rover tuning company has put as much research into designing the perfect exhaust for Land Rovers. Serious performance increases are realised due to the much increased exhaust gas flow. The turbo spins up earlier and power delivery is much smoother all the way to the rev limiter, even on a standard tuned car!


Later model land rovers, from mid 2001 and later (2A chassis number), had a catalyst fitted into the exhaust down pipe. This reduces exhaust noise significantly, but causes a restriction in the exhaust system. As a result of this, the turbo takes much longer to reach full boost, - thereby increasing the 'Turbo Lag' effect. By simply fitting a 'decat' down pipe, which is a direct replacement for the original pipe, you can make a dramatic difference to the way the engine picks up from low revs -due to improved exhaust gas flow. Also, when used with our sports exhaust systems, you'll get a further boost and a lovely, yet subtle exhaust note too!



Land Rover Sports Exhaust Systems




Alive Tuning exhaust systems are made entirely from heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel, using 2 1/2 inch diameter tubing, to maintain peak exhaust gas velocity, and to effectively remove gasses, heat, and noise.

TIG welded stainless steel flange joints, mean fitting is quick and easy. Many months of development work and fanatical attention to detail, has gone into making each of these exhaust systems the very best on the market!

Exhaust Systems do not come with a Decat Section, as some cars may not require them.

Defender 90 Td5 / 2.4 Puma tail section shown.


Discovery Series 2 Td5 : £430 + vat

Defender 130              : £425 + vat

Defender 90 Puma        : £415 + vat

Defender 110 2.4 Puma : £425 + vat

Defender 90 Td5          : £415 + vat

Defender 110 Td5        : £425 + vat



Defender 2.4 TDCi Puma 304 Grade Decat Pipe


Puma 304 decat



Decat Pipe for the Puma Defender 2.4, to fit all models from 2007 onwards. Made from T304 Premium Grade Stainless Steel.

Price: £145.00 + vat 


Disco 3 / Range Rover Sport TDV6 409 Grade Decat Pipe

TDV6 Decat



 Premium decat downpipe for the Discovery 3 (LR3) and Range Rover Sport TDV6. Made from 409 grade stainless steel, except for the turbo flange which is made from mild steel for better heat tolerance. This will help reduce the initial turbo lag, and will make for a much sportier exhaust note when coupled to our TDV6 sports exhaust systems.

Price: £85.00 + vat


TD5 409 Grade Decat Pipe

td5 409 decat


Alive Tuning 'Budget' decat downpipe for all Td5 Models. Made from 409 Grade Stainless steel, with mig welded mild steel flanges. An ideal low cost modification to any td5 model that has a cat fitted.

Price: £70.00 + vat


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